DuraSpark© Waterproof Match

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Product Description

This Match Will Always be Ready toStart a Fire Even After Being SOAKED in Water

  • Has it all: Contains the ferro rod and wick in one all-inclusive fire starting kit that fits conveniently in your pocket.
  • Strikes hot, burns hot: Ferro rod strikes at over3,000 degrees and flame burns at over 600 degreesFahrenheit
  • Long Lasting: Each match is capable of 15,000 long burning strikes. Built in O-Ring keeps fuel from evaporating indefinitely ( A Zippo can run dry in as little as a week!)
  • Easy to use: If you can strike a match you can start a fire(and this one won’t burn your fingertips).
  • Ultimate survival tool: In a survival situation a fire is life, this tool will make sure that you can start a fire whenever, wherever you need it.


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